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Exotic Animals aren’t pets

Exotic shouldn’t be kept as pets because people can be live bait and their family’s life can be endangered.

People have owned pets for many years but having a wild animal in a house or cage can be dangerous because at any time the can attack a kill anyone for example , in July of 2009 a couple named Jaren Hare and Charles Darnell were arrested for 12 years for owning a pet python that killed their two-year old daughter.

Also , some people buy animals and take pictures them later on the don’t take care of their pet tiger for example , In 2014 the famous rapper Tyga has refused to pay and take care of his pet tiger this clearly states that some people
are not responsible to keep an exotic  animal.






Its sad that some people keep a exotic pet but later on just hurt their pet and then just dump their pet for example , in 2012 a guy caught a python and had seen that the snake was shot and stabbed. The snake was found by Susquehanna River sadly the snake died due to his injuries .





To end things off , People should not own pets that are not dogs ,cats , and fish because some people are not responsible , not caring , and that animals can hurt anyone at any moment .